Book is done!

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“While I waited for the transaction to happen, I looked up to find a person who I assumed to be the husband of the jeweller unabashedly staring at me. He quickly turned away and continued writing. Your guess is as good as mine as to what he was thinking. I could have started to read his mind. But doing so would have walked me down a dark path that I had no intention of treading. Instead, I said to myself, ‘YES am selling valuable jewellery, which I would rather keep, at a loss but that doesn’t mean a thing. My great destiny is secure’.

With this empowered perspective, I simplified the transaction mentally. I could see that all I had done was take pieces of gold and exchange them for money. Period.

The transaction had nothing to do with who I was. It did not define my essence. It would not define my future – unless I decided so. I could have created doomed and dark meanings and scenarios. These scenarios would have filled me with shame and fear. The outcome of the experience would very likely have been negative. I would have had a harder time moving on to the next thing that needed to be done.

Saying yes to life is the ‘religion’ of all confident people. ..”

What a journey this has been. The book has taken over a year and I have some 16,000 or so words. Not a lot, but all I wish to say right now. Even though I had content from five years of learning how to be calm and loving, I could not get myself to write consistently. Until I learnt how to get up at 4 am! Okay, so when you stop sleeping, a book can get written.


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