The longest, hottest train …of looping thoughts

I know this train of thinking. I have been on too many times. Its a long train with carriages that all look alike. Each carriage is dark and hot and with seats rising up urgently demanding that I stay longer. A determined attempt to exit one carriage is only a back door leading me into another hot and intense carriage. I can ride in this train for days, all the while, seeking the door that will leads me back outside to the calm and carefree landscape.

How do I get on this long thought train in the first place? There are many ways to get on that start with taking a supposedly negative event too seriously. Someone pulls the rag from under my feet, fails to keep their word or starts a fool’s fight with me. None of these things mean anything in the bigger picture of things. No one and nothing has the capacity to stop me from getting great things done. But if I spend one more minute thinking about the ‘injustice’, I have hailed the train down and taken a quick skip into it.

For example, I have just complained to someone that she is not acting professionally towards me. She has come at me with all guns blazing…or so I think. I know I have only one thing to do – promote peace and love. But two days later, her actions are still on my mind. I may have been wronged but I am not a victim – ever. As Eckhart Tolle says, ‘Accept what is’. I say, the unequivocal YES. ‘YES, I have been poorly treated but it does not mean a thing. My great destiny is secure’.

I take a walk. I do some yoga stretches. I get to work. I look at her email and it does not have any of the harshness it had earlier. Actually, its an okay email. I might have sent a similar one in the same circumstances.

‘No one will be my enemy’. ‘I will always do well’. The trains slows down. Can I step of it? Will let you know next time when I did…because I will.


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